Friday, April 9, 2010

A late discipline

This scenario has not happened (yet).

Before I had left home from work, Alexia and I had shared a hug and a kiss after breakfast. "Be good baby, I'll be home late tonight" I said. She put on a pout but she understood I had to go work. We exchanged I love yous and I was on my way. "wait!" she cried, "you're forgetting my chores". I grinned, I actually had forgotten about it entirely and I was proud of her for reminding me. I went to our room and pulled out a list of chores that had to be done. We shared chores but since I was going to work all day, I had to give her some extras to do around the house while I was gone. I gave her the list and was heading out. "Don't worry, I'll keep the house from burning down" she joked. I trust her with my life... let alone my house.

Work was tiring to say the least. Every now and then I'd sneak a text here and there with Alexia. She had texted:

"Don't worry daddy, everything here is fine and I'm almost done with the list. I love you, hope you have a great day at work. I'll be waiting for you when you get back"

That text made me feel at ease during work. My baby was really taking care of things while I was gone, and it made me feel proud. Being the cute girl she is, she kept texting me little smiles throughout the day to keep my mood up, I can't say it didn't work :)

I arrived from work pretty late, I believe it had to have been 10:30 or 11:00 pm. I was pretty tired, but excited to see Alexia again from a long stressful day at work. I walked through the living room, seeing that the place was clean. I called for her, but she didn't come. I looked through the kitchen, no sign. I looked in every possible room in the house. I got to the den, i noticed there was a big mess there. Papers piled up, windows dirty, and the computers all dusty. I called for her again, wondering what had happened. It was late, and I figured she might have gone to bed being pooped from all the chores. It was a bit unfair that she had extra work to do, so I wasn't too mad about the den, as the rest of the house was spotless.

I then enter the bedroom and turn on the light. I see Alexia kneeling on the floor in the corner with a hairbrush in hand. "Sweetheart, I'm home" I said. She looked over, but could not look into my eyes. "what's wrong baby?" I asked. She came over to the bed and gestured that I sit down with her. "Daddy, I was bad". I was honestly confused... "Bad? the house looks great!" I said, "don't worry about the den". "NO baby, listen" she interrupted. She explained how the house being clean was not her doing, she had some friends over and they helped her clean. "wow, well I don't mind some help baby" I explained. She glanced at the floor and suddenly turned a bit red. "baby, what aren't you telling me?" Apparently, she did have friends over... but the details were surprising. Her friends had come into the house to hang out, and they were having a lot of fun. It quickly began getting late and Alexia had forgotten entirely that she hadn't done her chores at all. "But I got your text, what do you mean you forgot?" I asked. "I sent you that so you could feel better at work that I was taking care of the house" she replied.

She had gone to bed while her friends were still over, exhausted from just fooling around and joking. She woke up around 9 pm hysterical and told her friends to help her. Apparently they had just finished not 10 minutes before I pulled into the driveway.

I was disappointed to say the least, and she felt horrible. "Daddy, I need a spanking" she said. "I feel rotten that i lied to you, and that I have not honestly done what I needed to do". She handed me the hairbrush and pulled down her panties. She lay herself over my knees and asked again " please daddy, I need a spanking for being disobedient". I was honestly surprised, she had asked me to spank her before, but never as submissive as this.

I grabbed the hairbrush in hand and got into my role as her guardian. I wailed at her bottom, scolding her along the way. She felt so horrible, she started to cry. Not from the pain, but from the embarrassment of it all. I must have given her about 300 with the hairbrush, her bottom was bright red and very warm. I placed her in the corner and told her to wait "thank you daddy for my punishment" she said very meekly. "oh you won't want to thank me after I'm finished". "We aren't finished daddy?" she gave me the biggest set of puppy eyes I've ever seen.. it was truly adorable. "not just yet sweetheart, you asked for a punishment and I decided you need to be paddled"

I went to the drawer where we keep the paddle. The paddle is only for Punishments only, we don't use it often in regular play spankings.. we figure it is better that way so she doesn't get used to it. I slammed the drawer shut, and I saw her jump up. "you are going to get 10 baby, and then it is time for bed". It had to have been midnight by then, with all the talking and punishment going on.

She got up from her knees and pushed her little bottom out, keeping her nose right in the corner. "I'm very sorry daddy, please forgive me". I made her count them out, after each saying "I will do my own chores, and I will be responsible". The first 3 were a shock to her, she hadn't gotten paddled in a while and forgot how it felt. On the verge of crying, she kept herself from full out balling. She then took the next 5 well. I got to the last 2 and told her to brace herself. I swung a bit harder, but with good taste.

I then told her the punishment was over. "come here baby girl, let me explain something to you". I talked with her about her chores and the roles we need to keep in the house in order for both of us to be happy. She agreed "I love you baby, thank you for my punishment" she said. "I love you too sweetheart, and I'm very proud that you came to me about this". She smiled knowing full well that I really was proud of her for coming to me. It was something we discussed a while back, but she never really admitted to something like that before, let alone submit entirely like that.

"Time for bed" I commented. "lets get ready for sleep". We both headed to the bathroom to go brush our teeth, something we always had done since we started dating. I let her go first, we only had one sink in the bedroom (bad contracting). She bent over the sink to get her toothbrush. I noticed something... her panties. With toothpaste in her mouth she asked "wut baby? smonthin wrong?" I took my hand and placed it on her bottom, still very warm and red. I started to run it down her backside and made my way to her pussy. She jumped when I got there. "baby, your panties are wet" I said. She looked at me with a mischievous look, her ears getting more red every second she stared at me. "Sweety, we can't go to bed with you being wet" I told her.

I slowly pulled her adorable panties down, she knew what was coming and she spread her legs. I placed the panties in the hamper, "we need to get you clean sweety" I said kindly. she gestured that she understood. I then grabbed some non alcoholic baby wipes from the counter. I pulled one out and began to wipe my little girls wet pussy. She was embarrassed, but I could tell she liked it. I myself was very much aroused from all the spanking from earlier and this was just the dessert I needed. I threw away the wipe, then made sure she was not wet anymore. She smiled at me again "thank you daddy for cleaning me". I wasn't finished yet, I slid my fingers in her pussy. "you are very welcome little girl, this is your reward for taking that well". Of course she got wet again, but this time I just slid my fingers in and out of her pussy, then making my way into her tiny asshole. She absolutely loves ass play, but she is very conscious about it, and gets very shy.

I fingered her asshole also making sure she was clean, and I sent her to bed. She had a grin on her face, and both sets of cheeks were very much red. I got into bed, about to call it a night. She rolled over and grabbed my cock. "baby, I want to fuck you now" she said. Well, how can you say no to that? I gladly obliged to whatever she wanted to do. She stroked my hard dick and started licking the tip. She began to swallow my cock in her mouth, something you should know... she is very good at hand jobs, I was in heaven. She then bent over and started playing with her pussy. She pointed at my dick and gestured to come fuck her, "I want that in here" she said.

I slid my cock in her pussy. We were doggy style, so I was able to see her still very red bottom. I gave her some sensual spankings, and I felt her pussy drip. I felt her warm bottom push up against my hips with every thrust. I then licked my fingers and slid them into her already pliable asshole. She got very red in her face, I could tell from her ears. I then decided to go into her ass with my dick, knowing she was just longing for it. "baby, I'm so naughty, SPANK ME!" I let her stay in the doggy style position, I pulled my dick out and gave her about 30 hard spankings. Every time I spanked her I rubbed her bottom and her pussy making her want the next one.

After a good fucking, we both cuddled in bed. Laughing about our adventures together. We went to bed, finally around 3am happy as can be with out relationship.. ready to do it again the next day.


  1. I love you. Oh so much.

    Thank you for the handjob compliment by the way.

    Can't wait to give you more.


  2. Great Post! I am doing research on DD relationships. My really good friend and old college room-mate is trying to have a DD relationship. I honestly have never heard of it, so in all fairness, I went searching and came across one of your videos. I found the two of you refreshing and delightful! Not at all what I was expecting. If this is truly an example of what a loving DD relationship is like, I can be at peace with my friend's choice. Thank you for helping to put my mind at ease. Any more blogs coming up?